Who Loves the Little Lamb?

Who Loves the Little Lamb?I thought it would be fitting, in honour of Valentine’s Day, to feature a book about love. If you’re a mom with young children, then this book seriously needs to be on your bookshelf! I think it would also make a lovely baby shower gift for any mother-to-be.

Listen to how it starts out: “Who loves the fussy lamb?” Picture a bawling little lamb (aw, poor thing!). Then picture the loving mama sheep (just as she appears on the cover) giving a reassuring hug while she croons, “No more crying, here I am. Mama loves her little lamb.”

The book continues like this, with page after page of different animals in different scenarios showing each mother’s unconditional love for her little one. With David McPhail’s charming illustrations and Lezlie Evans’ tender-hearted rhymes, it’s a perfect read-aloud for bedtime—or anytime, for that matter.

So cuddle up with your own little lambs and take a quiet moment to enjoy this book together. It will remind them (and you) just how much you love them.