My Crockpot, My Friend

Whoever invented the slow cooker, I would like to shake your hand. Being able to cook delicious meals without physically being in the kitchen, or even in my house for that matter, is truly marvellous, especially when I’m at work all day. In April, I’ll share a few of my favourite slow cooker recipes. For now, here is a great book to whet your appetite!

Not Your Mother’s Slow Cooker Recipes for Two

by Beth Hensperger

I found this unique cookbook at the library. It has some delicious-sounding ideas, like salsa chicken, ginger-plum pork, and chicken mole (which I’ve never tried before, but which my sister-in-law informs me is an amazing Mexican dish). You can even make overnight oatmeal for breakfast. (Now that sounds a lot better than my usual bowl of cold cereal!)

The cauliflower soup with leeks in it sounds tempting. Hopefully it’s as good as the leek and potato soup my grandma used to make. Honey barbeque ribs — my husband will definitely love those. And watermelon salsa served alongside pork tenderloin — I’ll have to try that one this summer.

Now excuse me while I go copy some of these recipes and add them to my can’t-wait-to-try pile!