Upcycling Old Socks: DIY No-Sew Baby Leg Warmers

Ladies, here’s a super quick and easy way to upcycle your old socks – perhaps the ones that have holes in the toes, or simply any pair that you don’t wear anymore. In five minutes or less, you can turn them into adorable baby leg warmers to protect those chubby little knees. No sewing required!

Step 1: Use a pair of sharp scissors to cut straight across the toe end of each sock, like so:

Cut toe end of sock

Step 2: Roll the cut edge of each sock underneath to the desired length. You can adjust the length depending on the size of your baby’s legs and the socks you use. (For my son, with this particular pair of socks, I basically folded the socks in half.) Slip them over your baby’s legs like knee pads.

Voilà! Baby leg warmers! My little guy is crawling like a pro now and wouldn’t hold still long enough for me to get a good picture, but you get the idea…

Baby leg warmers DIY

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